Jujube Seeds

Jujube SeedsWhat are Jujube Seeds? Jujube is commonly known as Chinese red dates from a tree that averages 25 feet in height. The date like fruits turns red and wrinkled when ripen.

Where do Jujube Seeds grow? Originated from China and cultivated worldwide. Jujube is best when used in soup recipes with Ginseng.

Benefits: For centuries, the Chinese have used Jujube for its relaxation properties for calming the heart and spirit. The Jujube seeds have been found to have muscle relaxing properties, reduces blood pressure, and relieves insomnia.

Precautions: Jujebe is very safe and have no known contradictions.

Disclaimer: All herbal and plant descriptions are for informational / educational use only; we cannot accept any liability from the misuse of the herbs and plants listed. We recommend that you always consult with a health care professional before pursuing any herbal treatments.

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